Yas Marina Circuit Driving Game

This was a project I brought into 2Advanced and managed. I also architected the game experience, did sound design and composed a custom soundtrack for it. This was a fun one. We were given ridiculously dense CAD files of the circuit, from which we generated renders of the track for the game to give the user the illusion that they were driving the course. We also created crash sequences, additional topography for landscaping which was not complete at the time and some aerial passes of the model for intro/outro sequences. To fill the stands, we used Poser to emulate crowds in the stands. The amount of 3D work on this project was insane! Coupled with this project, we created the first-generation website for the Yas Marina Circuit, a sizzle video, and a seat-finder experience for ticketing.

As part of this project, I got to go to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a week. Since I was working directly with a division of the government, I got special treatment and a tour of the unfinished circuit during its construction. Check out my blog post (“You Say Dubai, I Say Hello”) to see some pics from my trip here.

  • Role:Sound Design, Ideation, Music, BizDev, Interactive Producer
  • Project ID:007-000-0159-0002
  • Brand:Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management
  • Agency:2Advanced Studios
  • Type:Website, Online Game
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