Raynault VFX Website Pitch

I approached Mathieu Raynault, a successful and respected matte painter, about a redesign of the Raynault VFX website. These are some of the set of comps I came up with to present my approach for the website overhaul. In a nutshell, a user can traverse the site horizontally and vertically. Using page up/down and navigational arrows allows you to progress through vertically. Swipe, Drag, and navigational arrows allow you to progress horizontally. The site would be built in a way where the Browser does not reload the page so content will transition and animate to create a fluid user experience. The main navigation will be globally available and will change to reflect the section you are in. For galleries, related content to the active item you are viewing is represented by nodes along vertical stems which extend below the content. An average of 3 nodes per stem will start inset from the bottom left of the active content and be repeated towards the right respectively based on available content in that category or project. Galleries may be filtered by project or by category. At any time you can switch these filters using the main navigation. When the filters are engaged, an overlay will fade in over content and the filter menu (categories, projects) will be presented. When an active image/video is hovered, the metadata for that item will be presented in the center of the image against an 80% opaque black which will cover the image. For categorical items, a call-to-action to browse/jump to the related project for the active image will be shown in the lower-right below the image.

  • Role:UX, Design
  • Project ID:003-000-0121-0001
  • Brand:Raynault VFX
  • Type:Website
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CREDITS A-Z (Film & Television)


I have stayed busy, restlessly creating one thing or another. This "Black Hole" section showcases some of that legacy. There is a lot here. Best grab a glass of scotch first and then come back and dig in! As far as digital goes, I have spent the last 20 years creating websites and have been a part of hundreds of projects in various capacities, including UX, Design, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Biz Dev, and more. Use the filter controls at the top of the page to search my credits.


My music has been used over the years in film and television. Chances are you've heard my music and didn't know it. Additionally, I used to work as an actor when I was a kid and have been on TV a few times in different series. This section compiles some of those credits along with any projects related to movies and/or tv. For fun, I also re-score film trailers and scenes from time to time. Since the Black Hole is just for my credits, those little experiements can be found in the "Eye Candy" or "Blahg" sections.


I wish I had more time to actually play them...but at any rate, browse this section for projects I have been a part of which related to games of all kinds, console or otherwise.


This category is a smorgasbord of random other things. Music Videos, Promotional Videos and miscellaneous credits. Consider for a moment that I started out in the early 90s working with my Father doing large-scale murals, set backdrops, restaurant graphics, and all sorts of things. I carried on doing this after my father was hired on at Disney, adding my own clients and continuing to work with some of his until 1998 when it was clear the days of hand-painted things and vinyl were over and it was time to start focusing on digital. Paint is somewhat a lost art but it sure is fun to work with.