Fleetathalon Game

I concepted a game for a company recently acquired by Verizon for 2.4 billion. The game was shelved after the acquisition so it never saw the light of day. But a lot of thought went into it. The idea was a contest-based marketing effort for its customers. In addition to these final screens and earlier iterations, a game document outlining rules and logic was also created. Sketch came in handy on this project!

  • Role:UX, Design, Ideation, Copywriting
  • Project ID:003-000-0130-0001
  • Brand:Fleetmatics
  • Type:Website
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Life is in a constant state of creation and so am I. My name is Elijah Shepard but my friends call me 'E'. I am a living machine and restless creative, passionate about design, music, film, and digital media. In short, I love coming up with ideas and am terminally curious. Since art and inspiration is not constrained by a single medium, neither am I. I work and play as a freelance designer, front-end developer, music editor, sound designer, and music composer.

You may know me as a composer/producer. You might know me from the 9 years I spent at the trend-setting digital agency, 2Advanced Studios. Most likely, you don’t know me at all and that is okay too.

I am always looking for new things to invest my creative energies in and content to license my music in. Hit me up and let's do something together!

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