iMemories Logo Reel

I was asked to write music for iMemories’ logo reel. This logo animation plays at the front of all the DVDs they send out as part of their core product offering. This was one of the projects I brought in during my time at 2Advanced. Eric Jordan did an awesome job on this, as per usual.

  • Role:Composer, Music, BizDev, Interactive Producer
  • Project ID:007-000-0082-0001
  • Brand:iMemories
  • Agency:2Advanced Studios
  • Type:Website
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Life is in a constant state of creation and so am I. My name is Elijah Shepard but my friends call me 'E'. I am a living machine and restless creative, passionate about design, music, film, and digital media. In short, I love coming up with ideas and am terminally curious. Since art and inspiration is not constrained by a single medium, neither am I. I work and play as a freelance designer, front-end developer, music editor, sound designer, and music composer.

You might know me from the 9 years I spent at the trend-setting digital agency, 2Advanced Studios. You may know me as a composer/producer by the names Audio Catharsis or Living Machine. Most likely, you don’t know me at all and that is okay too.

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