Together Alone In The Metaverse

Escape into your mind and drift through the Metaverse with this album as the soundtrack for your journey. Full of melodic surprises and expansive moments, this album provides memorable catharsis and ear candy. You will listen to this album over and over. There is a duality of tone to the melodies and energy on the record, embracing the evolution and necessity of blockchain technology with the same range of emotions a military force has the night before a conflict.

In terms of authentic artistic expression, this album demonstrates the style of writing and production I do most naturally if left to make my own decisions.

Capitol Insurrection
Life Goes Out Of Focus When You're Around

For this album, I just hit record and improvised on piano for about 45 minutes. I paused where it felt appropriate for track breaks and just played what I was feeling, with the assistance of a bottle of pinot noir. I then went back through and embellished where it made sense with orchestration and some synths to give it more texture and thread a mood throughout it. So the whole album is in one Logic session and is meant to be minimal and not over-produced. It is predominantly a solo piano record. The result is very listenable and mellow.

The album is available wherever you stream music and is available for sync.

A Dramatic Christmas Adventure

This is a "Christmas Album" in the vein of scores like "Home Alone" and "Harry Potter". It veers more dramatic, as the title suggests, but it is full of delightful melodic surprises and playful orchestration.

Electro Oddities

This album comprises tracks I wrote from 2001 to 2005.

Urban Drama

I was commissioned to write some hybrid film score by Sonoton, one of the largest music libraries in the world, back in 2007. The result was a collection of tracks that have been licensed consistently for the last 15+ years.

Together In Isolation
One Day After The Other
One Funky Drink
Numbers Don't Lie But People Do
Manifesting A Vision
Life On The Surface
As The Death Toll Grows
Storm Chaser
Always Trying To Pull Straight A Tangled Line
You Consume Me
You Know They Know
When We Leave
One Of The Crazies
Morning Modulation
A Few Of My Favorite Things
Sad Piano Music
Trailer Music
Melodic Gems