They Call Me 'E'

Life is in a constant state of creation and so am I. My name is Elijah Shepard but my friends call me 'E'. I am a living machine and restless creative, passionate about design, music, film, and digital media. Since art and inspiration is not constrained by a single medium, neither am I. I work and play as a freelance designer, front-end developer, and music composer.

In short, I like coming up with ideas and am terminally curious. As a result, I have been blessed with a diverse and prolific professional journey. It has been an interesting ride, to be sure, having been a part of over 300 projects. The "Black Hole" section is where you'll find some of these credits featured.

Brands/Clients I've Worked With

...267 clients and counting

Where You Know Me From


Eccentric Pixel is a digital agency I created after I left 2Advanced. I execute all my design and development work under its umbrella.


2Advanced was a trend-setting digital agency, known for its progressive design style and motion graphics. As the second employee and then an executive member of the team in my role as the Director of Business Development, I am proud of the legacy I helped create during my time at 2Advanced, considering how highly regarded and prolific the company became. During this time, there is a good chance you saw me at your office or an airport, since I traveled extensively pitching creative or fostering/sustaining client relationships. I wore a lot of hats here and was creatively involved in most projects. If you used the Internet during this time period, there is a good chance you went to one of the sites we produced.


I release music under the artist name of "Living Machine". However, this name is now trademarked. So I am shifting to releasing everything under a new name.


I have been using this brand name for a while now,. It serves as my music production company and record company name. Some will also recognize this name as my music producer/remixer profile name. All of my artist and production music is organized and browsable as a music library over at The "Ear Worms" section of this site only showcases some of my material. Since I have been writing music since 1990 and am prolific, there is hours of music waiting for you there. Get to it!!!

CATHARSIST1997 - 2000

For a couple years, I released music under the artist name of "Catharsist". You might remember me from MySpace and Mp3.Com and other sites like that from back in the day. My main release under this name was "Echoes of Repression". It got some radio play and regular rotation at some goth clubs but not much else happen with it. As an anecdote, the one "real" gig I ever did was up in LA at "The Garage" and played music from this time period. If anyone has a video of this performance, email me.


I worked for a commercial sign company when I was younger. During this period, I dominated neon, plexiglass, paint, vinyl, metal, wood, and all sorts of machinery used to build things like pylons, monuments, channel letters, and so on. I was the main buyer for the company and drove all over Southern California getting supplies or installing signs when I wasn't in the shop. So maybe you saw me at a Starbucks or Jamba Juice installing some signage. You never know...

THE AARDVARK (Shepard Graphics)1994 - 1997

I started out in the early 90s working with my Father doing large-scale murals, set backdrops, restaurant graphics, and all sorts of things. I carried on doing this after my father was hired on at Disney, adding my own clients and continuing to work with some of his until 1998 when it was clear the days of hand-painted things and vinyl were over and it was time to start focusing on digital.


Well, yes. There is also a good chance you saw me on Television. I was a principal actor in several commercials when I was just a tadpole in a Hollywood pond. The agency I was siged with was Jack Rose Agency. I was also on the big screen in a film called "Shimmer" and an episode of "The New Lassie". As an anecdote, I was also cast as the lead in a Disney series called "My Brother The Car Thief"; however this show never got off the ground after we shot the pilot episode.

I am open to collaborative experiences and always looking for new things to invest my creative energies in. Hit me up and let's do something together!