I am a concept engineer, an abstract thinker, a composer, musician, designer, developer ... and a Gemini. In short, I like coming up with ideas and am terminally curious. I make a living manipulating pixels and bytes, in a constant state of amusement. I am also found in a state of California!

Had the privilege to engage with many of the world’s biggest brands and get involved at a strategy/ideation level on digital campaigns too numerous to count, in addition to traveling extensively to pitch creative, manage projects, or sustain client relationships. I have seen every type of board room there is at this point, it would seem, and am accustomed to dealing directly with the executive/senior level players/stakeholders.

Spent the last 5+ years freelancing as an art director and web developer under my own company, Eccentric Pixel. I execute all aspects of the business. Since starting EP, I have deployed over 50 projects across a range of technologies, in diverse styles, for start-ups and well-known clients such as George Lucas, TCM, Samsung, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Worked on 350+ interactive projects in a range of capacities from Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Storyboarding, Design, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Music, Sound Design Copywriting, and Animation. Being intimately familiar with various technologies and the creative process enables me to be more sensitive and realistic to both sides of the table.

Worked for 9 years at 2Advanced Studios. As the second employee and then finally an executive member of the team, I am proud of the legacy I helped create during my time at 2A, considering how prolific and well-respected the 2Advanced name has become. In my role as Director of Business Development for 2Advanced Studios, I was tasked with ongoing management of the company’s worldwide client services business and sales team personnel. In addition to bringing in the accounts, I also managed/produced the projects, wrangling internal and external resources, sourcing freelancers, stages, locations, and presenting the projects to the clients throughout the process. My reach extended well beyond sales here, as any past 2A employee will tell you.

Written hundreds of contracts and proposals and am well-versed in the business/operational side of making a company successful, most notably working as an executive for 9 years with 2Advanced and having been in business for myself twice in my life.

Have significant experience managing large internal teams and outside vendors, including designers, developers, 3D artists, sales teams, animators, etc.

Work as a music composer. My music has been used for the last several years on television and Internet campaigns, in addition to film trailers and so on. I play several instruments and have undying love of music.

Am a one-man band. The main artist alias I release music under is called “Living Machine”. The sound of Living Machine is a hybrid of bands like Radiohead and Patrick Watson, mixed with my love of film score and darker music. You can stream and purchase this material all over (iTunes, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, etc.) or directly from me at http://livingmachine.net.

Worked as a graphic artist doing hand-painted signs/graphics and murals for restaurants, car dealerships, amusement parks, etc. I also worked for a large commercial sign company, constructing monuments, pylons, and every other kind of fabricated signage for brands like Starbucks, Ralphs, Borders, AMC Theaters, etc.

Spent time in front of and behind the camera. I was an actor with the Jack Rose Agency from 89-92, during which time I co-starred in a feature film, did an episode of The New Lassie, was a principle actor in a handful of commercials and an industrial film. As a favor, I played Christina Aguilera’s guitarist in an episode of 90210. I have also been involved in casting, location scouting, storyboarding, and directing various video productions.

Have worked in sales for a good portion of my life. Most notably, for 9 years, I was the Director of Business Development for a renowned interactive agency, 2Advanced Studios. That said, my sales career stetches all the way back to my life as a single digit human. I sold newspaper subscriptions door-to-door as a kid. My brother and I used to buy and resell candy out of our house to the neighborhood kids. I was involved in a few multi-level marketing companies. I sold myself as an actor. I sold mortgages for banks and brokers over a 5 year period I spent as a loan officer, during which time I got my real estate license. I was also a sales manager for a printing and disc replication company.

I am open to collaborative experiences and always looking for new things to invest my creative energies in. So please reach out to me – preferably with your right hand, since I am right-handed!

949-300-9431 — elijah@elijahshepard.com

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